Central Mexico inc. Mexico City

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Central Mexico
Mexico's charming central region is a truly unique blend of the countries historic past mixed with a vibrant modern touch that can be clearly found within the countries thriving capital city.

Within this vast central region is the magnificent mountainous area known as Bajio which contains several beautiful cities that are bursting with well preserved colonial architecture from the regions former silver mining history, which are set amongst a magnificent mountainous backdrop that in itself provides a remarkable spectacle.

Cities and Regions In Central Mexico
The central region comprises of the mountainous and richly colonial Baja region and the central region which includes the country's booming capital Mexico City, which offers everything that you'd expect from a thriving city, as well as nearby archaeological sites of interest and plenty of colonial architecture and natural wonders to keep you going.

There are several states and cities within the historic and mountainous silver mining area in the center of Mexico, one such example is within the city of Guanajuato which has plenty of charm, colonial architecture and superb views of the mountains were it is positioned:

Central Mexico
In Mexico's central region you'll find plenty of culture, tradition and history mixed with a vibrant and modern capital city that is bursting with enthusiasm, colour and charm surrounded by unforgettable mountains, parks and valleys.

Central Mexico Climate
The climate in the central region varies considerably depending on altitude with low lying areas especially along the coast remaining tropical year round with temperatures averaging between 75 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit in areas such as Veracruz, whereas further inland at higher altitudes the temperatures are somewhat cooler and frosts are common such as within areas like Mexico City where more moderate and pleasant temperatures can be found during the summer months often averaging around the 65 degree mark. The most amount of rainfall especially around Mexico City is during the months of June, July and August.

There are no end of shopping opportunities in central Mexico, from colourful markets such as Centro de Artesanias la Ciudadela, Bazar de Oro and Mercado Insurgentes which are bursting with handicrafts, souvenirs, textiles and no shortage of traditional food fare and drinks, to vast modern air conditioned malls such as Plaza Loreto, Plaza la Rosa Shopping Arcade and Plaza Reforma Mall that contain many upmarket boutiques, offering favorites such as modern designer fashion labels, footwear and jewelry amongst many other things, as well as the often required food courts.

Sights And Attractions In Central Mexico
Central Mexico is bursting with opportunities for exploration from its charming cities filled with colonial buildings, museums, cathedrals and former mines to stunning mountain ranges with impressive volcanoes, caves, hot springs and archaeological wonders that eagerly wait to be explored: