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Adventure Travel
Mexico offers no shortage of adventure activities that can keep you thoroughly entertained both on land and in the water, from sea kayaking alongside majestic whales to rock climbing the seemingly impossible, to hiking up mountains and then on to scuba diving and snorkeling around sinkholes and endless coral reefs that are teaming with life and colour.

Mexico's extensive Pacific coastline offers some superb and varied surf locations such as those found around Baja California, which is at its best during the months of June to September, although surf is pretty consistent all year round, other popular locations include Sayulita in Nayarit, Ixtapa and Playa Azul.

Scuba Diving
Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula offers some incredible diving opportunities, such as the Great Maya Barrier Reef, the remarkable Mayan Cenotes with its many caverns and caves that are surrounded by plenty of aquatic life such as turtles, fish, whale sharks and ray's, with popular areas in the area found around Cozumel which has stunning caves and coral reefs and Cancun. There are also ample opportunities along the Pacific Coast which boasts coral reef formations and caves as well as plenty of species of tropical fish, sea horses, dolphins, eels, sea turtles and sometimes sharks amongst the marine life often spotted.

White Water Rafting
There are plenty of river rafting opportunities especially around Morelo, Veracruz and San Luis Potosi which are very popular and vary considerably depending on the location with river stretches available for both beginners and higher class rapids for the more experienced thrill seekers. Along the way you'll be able to take in a wide variety of scenery from waterfalls, mango groves and lush green forests to dramatic cliffs and canyons not to mention ample wildlife viewing along the way with birds such as hawks and eagles often spotted and depending on your location and itinerary you may even get the chance to stop off and explore some ruins and pyramids from ancient former civilizations.

Horseback Riding
Mexico offers plenty of opportunities for horseback riding and there are several reputable operators found throughout the country that can offer superb riding from anything from one day to a couple of weeks through stunning areas such as vast expanses of open grassland, beautiful dense forests, rugged mountain ranges and high plateau's which offer spectacular scenery as well as horseback riding past the likes of lakes, waterfalls, through streams or even along sublime stretches of beautiful beaches, that will make you feel like a Mexican cowboy in no time.

Sea Kayaking
The Sea of Cortez is one of the most superb locations for enjoying sea kayaking and whale watching and includes areas such as the rugged Baja California Peninsula, as well of plenty of islands and coves that are perfect for exploring or for a spot of snorkeling. This stunning and vast area is home to an incredibly rich and varied ecosystem that includes the likes of blue whales, grey whales, humpback whales, sperm whales and manta rays which are often frequently seen.

Skiing in Mexico although limited is possible in some areas and offers some breathtaking scenery and varied slopes. Popular areas include Monterreal, Arteaga in the state of Coahuila in northeast Mexico and for those experienced skiers and mountaineers who are seeking a mountaineering ski adventure, the dormant volcano known as Pico de Orizaba which is located to the southwest of Mexico City will certainly offer a challenge.

Rock Climbing
Mexico offers some incredible rock climbing opportunities with one of the most popular locations found around El Potrero Chico, within the state of Nuevo Leon in northeast Mexico which offers fantastic mountainous scenery and several superb climbing routes over plenty of varied and challenging rock formations. Other popular rock climbing areas can be found surrounding Mexico City and within the states of Aculco and Jilotepec.

The stunning rugged wilderness that makes up copper canyon offers one of the most rewarding hiking locations in Mexico, located in the remote Sierra Madre Mountains, Chihuahua. The area offers a stunning mountainous region filled with canyons, rock formations, rivers, waterfalls, green forests as well as ample wildlife viewing opportunities and a chance to meet up with the native Tarahumara along the way.

One of the most popular glaciated volcanoes for mountaineering is Pico de Orizaba, definitely not for the inexperienced but a real challenge for extreme mountaineers.