Real Alcazar

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Real Alcazar
The grand Royal Palace features several areas of superb architecture and contains lavish rooms, beautiful courtyards and gardens.

The palace features several architectural styles due to different Monarch's remodelling over the years leaving surprises around very corner. There are numerous archways and columns with stone carvings and reliefs prominent throughout the design of the palace.

The entrance to the palace is equally impressive entering through the Puerta del Leon which has a ceramic tiled lion over the central archway and door.

There are several courtyards within the palace with the Patio de las Doncellas one of the most photographed which has a central reflecting pool and sunken garden containing trees and plants that is surrounded by a decoratively arched colonnade with marble floor and columns and ceramic mosaic walls that lead off to other rooms of the palace.

The Baths of Lady Maria de Padilla (Los Banos de Dona Maria de Padilla) are rainwater tanks that have a vaulted ceiling and are located underneath the Patio del Crucero and were named after the mistress of King Peter Of Castile also known as Pedro the Cruel.

The Alcazar is located close to Seville Cathedral and the General Archive of the Indies, within the city centre about 100 meters from the Plaza Nueva.

Travel Guide
The Real Alcazar can be reached by taxi, bus and tram (T1 and C5).

Nearby Attractions
The Real Alcazar is located close to Seville Cathedral, the General Archive of the Indies, the Plaza Nueva, the Torre del Oro watchtower and the Flamenco Dance Museum.