Museum Of Fine Arts (Museo de Bellas Artes de Sevilla)

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Museum of Fine Arts
The Museo de Bellas Arts de Sevilla houses an impressive collection of artwork that spans many centuries including pieces from Diego de Silva y Velazquez and Francisco de Goya.

The Museum of Fine Arts was founded in around 1835 within the former convent of the Merced Calzada and contains many pieces of art and sculpture collected after the closure of many of the local monasteries and convents during the desamortizacion as well as from private donations.

The museum has beautiful architecture inside and out with an elaborate entrance facade that features a central arch with stone carved columns on either side with a plinth above supporting a further decorative archway with three centrally positioned religious statues.

On the interior are several rooms that contain a variety of paintings and sculptures including the impressive life sized clay fired statue of San Jeronimo which was created by Pedro Torrigiano in around 1525. Many of the museums exhibitions are set in amongst decorative areas of architecture which include colourful mosaic tiles, stone carvings and reliefs.

The museum also has beautiful and well presented courtyards which contain tranquil fountains and ponds surrounded by plenty of greenery, such as can be found within the Boxwood Cloister.

The museum is just over half a mile northwest of Seville Cathedral in the city centre.

The museum's address is at Plaza del Museo 9, 41001 Seville, Spain.

Travel Guide
There are busses that travel to the area (03, 06, 13, 14, A2, 43, 40, 41, C3, C5).

Museum Tours
Guided tours around the museum are available and they cover many of the main areas of interest around the museum.

Attractions In The Area
Within roughly a mile of the museum are the Real Alcazar, the General Archive of the Indies, Plaza Nueva and Seville Cathedral.