Three Kings Parade (Reyes Magos)
Seville • Spain

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Three Kings Parade (Reyes Magos)
The long awaited arrival of the three wise magi in January is eagerly awaited by children and adults alike with entertaining parades of creatively decorated floats travelling along a predetermined route around the city.

The Three Kings Parade takes place on the eve of the Epiphany and celebrates the arrival of the three wise magi Melchior, Balthasar and Caspar who are the central figures of the parade who arrive wearing decorative costumes and distributing sweets along the way.

There are plenty of accompanying floats each beautifully decorated with a surprising and entertaining variety of themes accompanied by plenty of live music, dancing and theatrics with each float distributing hundreds of sweets along the parade route to the delight of the thousands of spectators who line the streets.

After the parade many children will leave their shoes outside and fill them with straw in the hope of attracting the camels of the three wise kings to visit their homes and leave them gifts to open on the following day. The following day is the Epiphany which is traditionally when presents are exchanged and opened, rather than on the 25th of December.

The sweetbread known as Roscon de los Reyes is eaten during this time and traditionally contains both a figurine and a bean, with one popular tradition being that whoever receives the figurine is King or Queen for the day and whoever receives the bean has to pay for the roscon.

The Three Kings Parade takes place annually on the 5th of January with the Epiphany on the 6th of January.

The parade route is subject to change each year but in the past it has travelled past the Plaza de Espana and the Maria Luisa Park.