Feast Of Assumption (La Asuncion de la Virgin)
Seville • Spain

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Feast Of Assumption (La Asuncion de la Virgin)
This important Catholic festival celebrates the date which the Virgin Mary was taken up into heaven after her time on earth and is one of Seville's National Holidays.

On this day many Catholics will attend mass as well as the processions which are considered very important and for those participating an honour as well. The processions travel through the city, especially around the Cathedral with simply hundreds of spectators lining the streets waiting for the processions to pass and to catch a glimpse of the impressive statues and the traditionally dressed followers.

Statues of the Virgin Mary are carried high on carefully decorated floats that are richly adorned with flowers and in some cases candles as well and carefully carried along a set route for all to enjoy, accompanied by marching bands along with participants wearing the traditional dress of distinctive long robes with pointed hats and hoods.

Date Of The Feast Of Assumption
The Feast of Assumption takes place annually on the 15th of August.

Many of the processions take place in and around the churches and Seville Cathedral.