Easter (Semana Santa)
Seville • Spain

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Easter (Semana Santa), Seville
Holy Week celebrations are one of the most important Roman Catholic events of the year and feature passionate processions through the city streets leading towards the Cathedral.

There are several processions throughout the week that are organised by the religious brotherhoods of the city known as Hermandades y Cofradías de Penitencia who travel from their home parish to the grand Seville Cathedral and back again.

Members of the procession wear traditional robes with pointed hats called capirote that also cover their faces and travel in front of the floats which are beautifully decorated often with flowers and candles, carrying statues of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary.

These litters can be very large often requiring anything up to around 40 members of the brotherhood to carry and manoeuvre them along the procession route which is considered a great honour by all who participate. Accompanying the floats are marching bands, choirs and other members of the procession such as alter boys who can often be seen wafting incense as they walk along.

There is a large cross often carried at the front of each procession with members called nazarenos wearing the distinctive pointed hats, hoods and robes along with penitents who carry crosses and wear long robes but without pointed hats also taking part during the procession.

The processions take place from Palm Sunday through to Easter Sunday with one of the most popular processions taking place during the evening of Maundy Thursday where candlelight processions arrive in the early hours of the morning at Seville Cathedral on Good Friday.

Date Of Carnival
Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday and has events taking place on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday.

The processions begin from each brotherhoods home parish and travel to the Seville Cathedral before returning home, with processions often taking several hours to complete.