Corpus Christi
Seville • Spain

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Corpus Christi, Seville
The Roman Catholic festival known as Corpus Christi is in celebration of the Holy Eucharist and takes place annually on Holy Thursday.

On this day there are religious processions which carry beautifully decorated images of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and Saints upon platforms, along a set route which includes Seville Cathedral, during which there are sprigs of rosemary scattered along the procession route adding to the atmosphere of the processions which are also accompanied with marching bands.

Many places decorate their balconies and facades with flowers and hundreds of spectators line the procession route especially around the main alters that are set up eagerly awaiting for the procession to pass by and catch a glimpse of these impressive and decorative statues.

One of the most striking events occurs when the monstrance enters the grand Cathedral in the centre of the city which summons the church bells to magnificently toll.

It is a popular custom on this day to eat churros which are fried and sugared Spanish doughnuts which are readily available throughout the city.

Date Of Corpus Christi
The celebrations take place annually often during the month of June on the first Thursday that follows on from Trinity Sunday and 60 days after Easter Monday.

Corpus Christi takes place throughout the city with part of the procession taking place around Seville Cathedral and the Town Hall.