Seville Cathedral (Cathedral de Sevilla)

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Seville Cathedral
The impressive Cathedral Of Saint Mary of the See is registered with UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and contains many areas of excellent architectural design, both inside and out.

The Cathedral was built on the site of a former Muslim Mosque in around 1402 and was consecrated in 1507 with architects including Pierre Dancart, Alonso Martinez and Carles Galtes de Ruan involved.

Within the Cathedral are beautiful stone carvings, statues, vaults and reliefs and several stained glass windows which beautifully light up the interior along with the spectacular altarpiece known as Retablo Mayor which is a striking work of art featuring gilded relief panels that take centre stage in this grand cathedral.

One of the most most well known landmarks in Seville is the Moorish minaret Giralda, which is the bell tower of the Cathedral which reaches a height of some 105m and offers excellent views of the area from the top.

Each of the Cathedral's several entrances has its own unique design with intricate stone statues, carvings and reliefs all a prominent feature on the decorative facades.

Within the Cathedral is the elaborate Tomb of Christopher Columbus which was designed by Arturo Melida and is held aloft an a platform by four statues that represent Castille, Navara, Aragon and Leon, which were the four kingdoms of Spain.

There is also the Court of the Oranges (Patio de los Naranjos) which is a beautifully enclosed courtyard that features neatly laid out orange trees and a fountain in the centre.

The Cathedral is located along Avenida de la Constitucion in the centre of the city close to Real Alcazar and the General Archive of the Indies and is about hundred meters southeast of the Plaza Nueva.

Travel Guide
The Cathedral can be reached by bus and tram (T1 and C5) which stop nearby.

Attractions In The Area
The cathedral is centrally located and is close to the General Archive of the Indies, Real Alcazar, Torre Del Oro, Flamenco Dance Museum and the Plaza Nueva.