Pilate's House (Casa de Pilatos)

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Casa de Pilatos
This Grand Palace was declared a National Monument in 1931 and is the residence of Victoria Eugenia Fernandez de Cordoba who is the 18th Duchess of Medinaceli.

The palace features beautiful architecture with decorative stone carvings found on the entrance gate as well as throughout the property along with a mosaic of decorative coloured tiles that can be found on many of the walls within the palace. Another unique feature is the decorative honeycomb ceiling over the beautifully decorated tiled main staircase.

One of the square shaped tiled courtyards within the palace features a fountain in its centre with white marble statues in each corner which are surrounded by a two tiered colonnade of arches which have been beautifully carved adding to the grand detail of the palace. Inside are several fine pieces of art work, furniture, statues and several other antiquities including several items from Roman times.

The Casa de Pilatos is located within the city centre, approximately 800 meters east of the Plaza Nueva.

Travel Guide
The palace can be reached by bus (C5) which stops outside the entrance, as well as from (01, 24, 27, A1, A3 and C4) which stop close by.

Attractions Also In Area
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