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Royal Palace
The Royal Palace (Palacio Real de Madrid) dates back to 1738 and is one of Madrid's finest architectural structures that contains an exquisite interior and is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens.

The Palace was built over the site of the old castle or alcazar which was lost due to a fire on 24th December 1734. King Felipe V instructed that a new palace was to be built which was initially the grand design of architect Filippo Juvara and later taken on by Giambattista Sacchetti and was also enlarged by Francesco Sabatini.

The palace's exterior is constructed out of white stone and granite giving it a striking appearance that contains three floors adorned with many statues, pillars and balconies that add to the elaborate facade.

The interior features over 3,000 rooms and contains many areas of ornate detailing with frescoes, sculptures, tapestries, porcelain and many other works of art from well known names such as Valesquez. There are several rooms open to the public that include the Hall of Mirrors, Royal State Dining Room, the Porcelain Room and the impressive Throne Room, with other areas of interest including the Royal Armoury which contains many pieces of armour and weaponry used over the centuries and the Royal Pharmacy.

The gardens that surround the palace are equally as impressive and include the Campo del Moro Gardens which are flanked by woodland and contains fountains and well laid out flower beds and the Sabatini Gardens that also feature many fountains and several statues of former Spanish Kings.

The Plaza de Oriente is made up of many small gardens and connects the Royal Palace with the Royal Theatre (Teatro Real) and features an impressive equestrian statue of King Felipe IV which is surrounded by other smaller statues of lions and includes a fountain, the Plaza de Oriente also features several limestone statues of Gothic Kings that were originally going to be positioned on top of the Palace until the decision was made that the statues would be too heavy and so they were positioned within the square instead.

The Royal Palace is located in the centre of the city on Calle Bailen, 28071 with the Sabatini Gardens and Manzanares River situated to the west of the palace.

Travel Guide
The Royal Palace is easily reached by bus and taxis with Opera Station the nearest Subway to the Palace being only around 400 meters to the east of the entrance.