Puerta del Sol
Madrid • Spain

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Puerta del Sol
The Puerta del Sol was originally a gateway of the old city wall that once surrounded the city and due to its position facing east it was called the Gate of the Sun and is now one of Madrid's most well known areas that features several areas of interest.

Within the square in front of the old Royal House of the Post Office which is currently the office of the President of Madrid there is a plaque marking out where Kilometre Zero is located.

There is also an equestrian statue of King Charles III which faces the Royal House of the Post Office and a statue of the Bear and the Madrono Tree which has become a symbol of Madrid. There is also the Tio Pepe sign which has become something of a landmark.

It is also within the Puerta del Sol that the tradition of the Twelve Grapes of Luck is celebrated every December 31st, where at midnight upon each strike of the clock bell above the House of the Post Office a grape is eaten to bring luck and prosperity in the coming year making the Puerta del Sol one of the most popular places to see in the new year.

The Puerta del Sol is less than a mile to the east of the Royal Palace entrance and about 0.3 miles from the Plaza Mayor.

Travel Guide
The Puerta del Sol can be reached by bus (3, L1, L5 and N16) and taxis and the train and subway station Puerta del Sol is also located within the square with train services C-3 and C-4 and subway lines 1, 2, and 3.