Plaza Mayor
Madrid • Spain

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Plaza Mayor
The large rectangular shaped square has nine entrances and is surrounded by residential buildings each having stunning balconies overlooking the square.

The most impressive building within the square is the Casa de la Panaderia which has two towers on either of its sides and a beautifully decorated facade that was designed and painted by Carlos Franco and features mythological figures as well as some of the artists own design, the Casa de la Panaderia now houses the Madrid Tourism Centre.

Within the centre of the square there is a large bronze equestrian statue of King Philip III which was designed by Giambologna and Pietro Tacca in 1616. Surrounding the square underneath the archways are several cafes and restaurants which provide a great excuse to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere of this historic square.

The Plaza Mayor is often the venue for many events throughout the year including the Christmas Market where around a hundred stalls can be found selling a wide range of Christmas items from figurines for the nativity scene to items of food, decorations as well as plenty of gift ideas.

The Plaza Mayor is located in the heart of the city approximately 700 meters east of the Royal Palace.

Travel Guide
The Puerta del Sol train and subway station is about 200 meters east of the square and there are plenty of busses that travel to the area, alternatively Opera Subway station is located about 500 meters northwest of the square.