San Lorenzo Festival

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Fiestas de San Lorenzo
There are three main festivals that take place in August in Madrid, the San Lorenzo, La Virgen de la Paloma and San Cayetano festivals, which are each enthusiastically celebrated within various areas of the city.

All the festivals feature many activities with competitions, children's activities as well as live music performances from local groups which can include marching bands, traditional folk music and the chance to watch dances such as the chotis alongside a selection of other modern music performances that also occur and to help keep you going there are more often than not plenty of market stalls offering a good selection of food and drink.

Street processions also play an important part of the festivals and each of the honoured saints is often carried high for all to view and celebrate, the festivals provide the chance for the whole community to come together and there is a real sense of community spirit.

Date Of Festivals
The San Lorenzo, San Cayetano and Virgen de la Paloma Festivals take place from about the 6th through to the 15th of August often starting with the San Cayetano festival and culminating with the Virgen de la Paloma festival.

Each of the festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm in different districts of the city:

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