Festimad Sur

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Festimad Sur
This popular rock music festival attracts leading bands and solo artists from around the world which have in the past included such rock legends as Metalica, Linken Park, Pearl Jam and the Prodigy as well as performances from local and up and coming musicians in what has become one of Madrid's leading music events.

There are several stages to accommodate this thriving rock festival which attracts simply thousands of spectators who come to enjoy the hard rock, metal, soft rock and other music genres such as hip hop that often perform over the course of the festival,

Alongside the festival are other events such as Cinemad which showcases several short films and Graffiti which offers graffiti artists the chance to improve their technique as well as show off their talents. Fotomad is another event that is held alongside Festimad Sur which provides amateurs and professionals the chance to photograph the many events that take place over the course of the festival and gain recognition.

The event also has plenty of food and drink stalls as well as shops and is often easily accessible by public transport being close to the centre of the city.

Date of Festimad Sur
This annual event often takes place around April/May time.

The venue like the date can be subject to change, however in the past the festival has taken place at the Butarque Municipal Stadium in Leganes, which is about 8 miles to the southwest of the Royal Palace, Madrid.

Travel Guide
The stadium at Leganes can be reached by subway station Julian Besteiro or San Nicasio (Line 12) or by bus to Paseo de la Ermita (number 1) which is close to the entrance or to bus stop Ctra Carabanchel N 2 (numbers 480, 481, 482, 484, 485, 491 and 492).