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Easter and Semana Santa
Easter celebrations are widely celebrated throughout Madrid and indeed the whole of Spain with several religious processions taking place through the streets often accompanied by the sombre banging of drums.

During Holy Week (Semana Santa) many Catholics will visit their local church and join in with processions often carrying religious sculptures and icons and wearing traditional dress known as a capirote which is often either a black, purple or white robe with a pointed white or red hood that can symbolizes the showing of penitence.

During the Holy Week processions you'll be able to witness several religious icons that are taken out of their resting place beautifully decorated and often surrounded by flowers and candles, lifted up high onto platforms and carefully paraded around the streets for everyone to view often accompanied by marching bands.

The first Holy Week procession begins on Palm Sunday (Domingo de Ramos) with other main processions occurring on Holy Wednesday (Miercoles Santo), Maundy Thursday (Jueves Santo), Good Friday (Viernes Santo), Holy Saturday (Sabado Santo) with Easter ending on Easter Sunday (Domingo Santo).

There are several brass bands and drum bands accompanying many of the icons and on Easter Sunday in Madrid's large Plaza Mayor square there takes place the drum parade known as Tamborrado, whereby around 20 or so drums are beaten in a constant rhythm.

Date Of Semana Santa
Easter is a moveable feast whose date can vary from between the 22nd of March to the 25th of April.

Religious processions occur throughout the city travelling from the churches around the city with the popular Tamborrado taking place within the Plaza Mayor which is only 700 meters to the east of the Royal Palace.

Travel Guide
Due to the processions there are several areas of the city which are closed off to traffic however there are still plenty of subway and bus services and of course no end of taxis.