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Madrid Carnival
One of the most anticipated events held within the capital city is the Carnival which attracts simply thousands of spectators who come to witness the elaborate floats, dance routines, theatrics and costumes which make up this exciting event.

The parades are incredibly energetic and often include performances from street performers who energetically entertain wearing beautiful and colourful costumes. There is also plenty of live music accompanying the parades from marching bands to live acts performing on stage around the Capital.

There are also several fine examples of traditional music and dance routines from well prepared dance and theatre companies that perform all along the parade route which are very entertaining and often accompanied by bright costumes and plenty of theatrics along the way, and with a different carnival theme each year there are always plenty of inspirational costumes to keep your attention.

During the carnival are are also plenty of parties and events from black tie balls to live bands playing in the many packed out bars, clubs and restaurants throughout the city.

Ash Wednesday also marks out the Entierro de la Sardna which is a traditional event that involves the burying of a large ceremonial sardine.

Carnival Date
The annual Madrid Carnival runs from Shrove Tuesday through to Ash Wednesday which is also the date of the Entierro de la Sardna.

The carnival route often travels past notable areas such as the Puerta de Alcala in Plaza de la Independencia and Retiro Park, Plaza Mayor and the Town Hall along with the Chueca district which can be one of the most colourful areas to experience the carnival.

Travel Guide
Travel around the city can be a bit more of a challenge during carnival time however there are plenty of taxis and subway services to many areas around the carnival route.