Dia de la Candelaria • Madrid

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The Dia de la Candelaria is a celebration of the purification of Mary which according to tradition occurs forty days after she gave birth to the baby Jesus and also marks the date when the baby Jesus was presented to God at the Temple in Jerusalem.

During Candlemas the lighting of candles is significant as Jesus was referred to as the light of the world and so you will often find that candles are blessed and that there are candle lit processions prior to mass in his honour.

During this important Christian date there are also many colourful processions through the streets of Madrid that include plenty of dressing up and theatrics as well as feasts, cakes, doves and candles which are lit during the procession.

Date Of Candlemas
Candlemas takes place annually on the 2nd of February.

Candlemas celebrations take place throughout the city.

Travel Guide
Madrid has an excellent transport network that offers links throughout the city, with many services functioning as normal during the Candlemas celebrations.