All Saints Day
Todos los Santos • Madrid

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All Saints Day (Todos los Santos)
All Saints Day (Todos los Santos) is an important religious day that gives families the opportunity to visit the cemeteries where their deceased family members are buried and leave offerings.

On All Saints Day, families visit the cemeteries sometimes in a large procession to leave offerings of flowers and gifts at their gravestones.

It is customary for Catholics to attend Mass which is performed within the cemeteries several times during the day and on this most solemn of occasions after visiting the grave site, friends and families will often get together to remember loved ones.

Date Of All Saints Day
All Saints Day is a public holiday that takes place annually on the 1st of November.

During All Saints Day many families will visit churches and cemeteries throughout the city in order to pay their respects.

Travel Guide
There may be some restrictions on travel services on this day and many business will be closed.