Almudena Cathedral
Madrid • Spain

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Almudena Cathedral
This impressive cathedral of Santa Maria la Real de la Almudena was built on the site where the cities first mosque and then the church of Santa Maria de la Almudena were positioned and after many years of construction the cathedral was finally consecrated by Pope John Paul II in 1993.

The cathedral is very similar in style to that of the Royal Palace which is located adjacent to the cathedral and features both Gothic and Classical stylings, with many areas of interest from its vast central dome which is 20 meters in diameter to the two bell towers, columns, pillars and statues which adorn the exterior.

Inside is equally as impressive with small chapels containing many statues as well as art work and mosaics with an elaborate alter as the centrepiece. Also inside is the Crypt and Almudena Museum which offers plenty of information about the history of the cathedral and is where you can also visit the dome which offers excellent views of the city and Royal Palace.

In front of the Cathedral within the Plaza Armeria stands a statue of Pope John Paul II in honour of the cathedrals consecration in 1993.

The Almudena Cathedral is located opposite to the Royal Palace within the city centre along Bailen Street, 28013, Madrid.

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The nearest Subway station is Opera (Line 2, 5 and R) which is about 400 meters east of the cathedral, alternatively the cathedral can also be reached by bus to Bailen - Mayor station (3, 148 and L3) or by taxi.