Three Kings Day
Dia de los Reyes • Granada

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Three Kings Day (Dia de los Ryes)
This has to be one of Granada's most anticipated events during the Christmas celebrations and is often regarded with more importance than Christmas Day on the 25th of December.

The day before the Epiphany is marked with the arrival of the three magi or kings who were called Balthasar, Caspar and Melchior, and it is this reenactment that causes such anticipation and indeed celebration. The three kings arrive wearing elaborate costumes upon beautifully decorated floats that travel along a set route through the city's streets distributing sweets along the way.

The main floats are accompanied by marching bands, countless costumed participants, dancing, street entertainers such as stilt walkers which each add to this colourful spectacle.

On the eve of the Epiphany after the Three Kings Parade it is traditional for children to leave gifts out for the three kings and to fill their shoes with hay and leave them outside to attract the camels that the three kings ride upon to visit their house and in turn leave them gifts.

Many people will wait until this time to give and receive presents rather than on the 25th of December, although some choose to open small gifts on the 25th as well as the day after the Three Kings Parade.

The sweet bread known as Roscon de los Reyes is often eaten during Three Kings Day and the Epiphany, and is covered in sugared fruit. Within each roscon are hidden a figurine and a bean, one tradition of this is that whoever receives the figurine is King or Queen for the Day and whoever receives the bean must buy the roscon the following year.

Date Of Three Kings Day
The Three Kings Parade takes place annually on the 5th and the Epiphany is on the 6th of January.

The parade route travels through many areas of the city and is subject to change each year.