San Cecilio Festival (San Fiesta Cecilio)

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San Cecilio Festival (Fiesta of San Cecilio)
This religious festival celebrates the city's Patron Saint Caecilius with the main focus around the Sacromonte Abbey and Catacombs.

There are several events that take place during the festival including a procession that leads towards the catacombs and the Monastery of Sacromonte which is significant as it was within the catacombs which are located beneath the abbey where the saint suffered his martyrdom at the hands of the Romans.

During the festival there are often traditional dance performances held as well as plenty of entertaining live music with marching bands which join in the procession to the Abbey.

Date Of San Cecilio Festival
The festival of San Cecilio takes place annually around the 1st of February on the first Sunday of the month.

San Cecilio Festival Location
The Sacromonte Abbey and Catacombs are the location of the main events and where the procession travels towards.