Hocus Pocus Festival

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Hocus Pocus Festival, Granada
The Festival de Magia de Granada is an entertaining festival that attracts leading professional magicians to the city of Granada and offer a series of magic shows that delight audiences across the city.

As well as the many impressive magic shows there are often also workshops and lectures available that allow children and adults alike the chance to explore and engage in different aspects of magic.

The festival caters for a wide variety of magicians and illusionists with acts such as conjurors, escape artists, mentalists and sleight of hand often amongst some of the most popular performing arts available.

Date Of Hocus Pocus
This popular festival takes place annually often during November with each years dates subject to change.

There are several venues used throughout the festival which in the past have included the Teatro Caja Granada and the Teatro Isabella la Catolica close to the city centre.