Festival Of The Conquest Of Granada (Dia de La Toma)

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Festival of the Conquest of Granada (Dia de la Toma)
Every year this historic event commemorates the conquest in 1492 of the city of Granada by Catholic Monarchs.

There are several events taking place throughout the city often at the Royal Chapel and at the square in front of City Hall where there are military parades and marching bands performing.

A large banner is displayed from the balcony at the City Hall building and a flag waved during the event to symbolize this historic event to the delight of the large crowd that gathers at the plaza.

Date Of Dia de la Toma
The Festival of the Conquest of Granada is celebrated annually on the 2nd of January.

Location Of Festival
One of the main areas of the Dia de la Toma is at City Hall which is just off Calle Reyes Catolicos and about 60 meters southeast from the Bib-Rambla Plaza.