Festival Of Albaicin (Fiesta del Albaicin)

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Festival of Albaicin (Fiesta del Albayzin)
This religious and cultural festival is centred around the Albaicin area of the city and the San Miguel Hermitage which are beautifully decorated for the occasion.

Every year pilgrims travel to the Ermita de San Miguel el Alto Hermitage in Albaicin wearing traditional clothing and arriving in spectacular fashion on horseback and by horse drawn carriage through the areas white washed houses.

There are religious processions through the narrow cobbled streets with beautifully decorated litters carrying religious figures as well as music and dance events, which include impressive Flamenco shows from both local and internationally renowned Flamenco dancers and plenty of live music entertainment in the area as well.

Date Of Festival
The annual Festival of Albaicin often lasts for two weeks and takes place around the end of June and early July.

The festival takes place at the Albaicín's Ermita de San Miguel within the Albaicin district of the city, which is around 2 miles northeast of the Granada Cathedral.