Day Of The Cross (Dia de la Cruz)

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Day Of The Cross (Dia de la Cruz)
The Day of the Cross is a colourful festival where crosses are beautifully decorated and erected within many of the city's main plaza's especially around Albaycan and Realejo and there is a prize for the best decorated cross, which is a highly sought after prize and great competition.

During the day there are events such as Flamenco dancing with lively performances taking place as well as parades which include Spanish men riding their well groomed Andalusian horses dressed in traditional clothing as well as live music entertainment which carries on well into the night.

This is one of the best days to witness Spanish men and women dressed in their finery with beautiful Spanish dresses worn by ladies and girls throughout the city.

As with many festivals there is also plenty of Spanish cuisine and drinks on hand to help keep everyone going in what is one of Granada's most bright and striking festivals.

Date of Dia de la Cruz
The Day of the Cross takes place annually on the 3rd of May each year.

There are several events that take place around the main plaza's such as Plaza Bib Rambla, Campo del Principe and Plaza del Carmen in front of the Town Hall as well as at locations such as the Corral del Carbon.