Christmas (Navidad)
Granada • Spain

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Christmas (Navidad)
Christmas in Granada is a colourful and well celebrated event where the streets are beautifully decorated with lights and decorations over this festive time.

For many the Feast of the Immaculate Conception marks the start of the Christmas season and you will find nativity scenes starting to spring up in many of the main squares throughout the city including the Plaza del Carmen in front of the Town Hall.

Nativity scenes play an important part of the Christmas celebrations and a lot of time and thought goes into these nativity scenes (known as belenes) which depict this most celebrated of religious events and include a great amount of detail which include the figurines of Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus.

Christmas markets such as the one often held in the Bib-Rambla Plaza offer a wide selection of decorations and figurines and other items necessary for making a nativity scene at home and there are also other stalls offering goods such as crafts, clothing, home ware's and toys.

Three Kings Day in January is considered to be more significant than the 25th where may people will exchange small gifts and spend time with family. Three Kings day not only marks out the day of the parade but is also the eve of the Epiphany which is when the majority of presents will be exchanged and opened and when the eating of the circular sweetbread known as roscon de reyes is enjoyed.

There are often no shortage of music and dance events held at venues throughout the city and many of the streets are also beautifully decorated with lights making this quite a unique time to shop in the city.

Date Of Christmas
The most significant dates during Christmas include:

There are concerts and events taking place at venues throughout the city, with many of the main plazas having nativity scenes or Christmas markets such as Plaza del Carmen in front of Town Hall and Bib-Rambla Plaza which are both a short distance away from each other.