New Years Eve (Nochevieja)

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New Years Eve • Spain
There are New Years Eve (Nochevieja) celebrations throughout the country with many social gatherings taking place in public squares, restaurants, hotels and bars.

New Years Eve celebrations often begin with a meal with family or friends prior to going out and attending parties later on.

At midnight the tradition of the 12 grapes comes into play and with each of the bell chimes a grape should be eaten to bring good luck for each of the 12 months ahead, and you'll find there are plenty of opportunities to purchase grapes well beforehand from shops and street sellers.

After midnight in many cities there are impressive firework displays and the New Years Eve parties really start getting underway often continuing well into the early hours.

Popular food and drinks eaten over New Years Eve often include hot chocolate, the Spanish doughnut known as churro and of course grapes.

New Years Day is often spent relaxing after the previous nights entertainment and is again often a time for families to spend together. The next celebrations occur on the 5th of January for the Three Kings Parade which is eagerly anticipated by children and adults alike.

Dates Over Christmas and New Years Eve
The Feast Of The Immaculate Conception takes place on the 8th of December, followed by Christmas Day on the 25th of December with New Years Eve taking place annually on the 31st of December closely followed by the Three Kings Parade on the 5th of January and Epiphany on the 6th.

There are New Years Eve celebrations taking place throughout the country, especially within many cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Granada.