Feast of the Immaculate Conception (La Inmaculada Concepcion)

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Feast of the Immaculate Conception (La Inmaculada Concepcion)
This important Roman Catholic festival celebrates the immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary and is often the chance for friends and families to spend time together as well as often marking the beginning of the Christmas season.

On this day you will find that many catholics will attend Holy mass as it is a Holy Day of Obligation and there are also religious processions through the streets where images of the Virgin Mary are carried on floats richly, decorated with flowers and candles.

Other events include the traditional Dance of the Sixes (Los Seises) which dates back to the 15th century and is performed within Seville Cathedral in front of the main alter on this day.

Christmas markets are also getting underway at this time and often have a excellent selection of decorations for the home and nativity scenes with beautiful figurines as well as clothing and gift ideas available, such as can be found at the Fira de Santa Llucia market which is held outside Barcelona Cathedral.

There are also nativity scenes put on display within main buildings and squares around this time many of which are incredibly detailed and attract plenty of attention.

Date Of Feast Of Immaculate Conception
The feast of immaculate conception is celebrated annually on the 8th of December.

There are processions and events taking place at churches and cathedrals throughout the country, with the Dance Of the Sixes taking place at Seville Cathedral and the Christmas market known as Fira de Santa Llucia takes place outside Barcelona Cathedral.