Corpus Christi (Feria de Corpus Christi)

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Corpus Christi, Spain
This important religious event is celebrated throughout the country in honour of the Holy Eucharist and features several events such as processions, live music, traditional dancing, flower carpets and especially in Barcelona the Dancing Egg as well.

There are numerous religious street processions where richly decorated floats carrying the statues of Christ and the Virgin Mary are carefully carried through the streets sometimes over hundreds of sprigs of Rosemary and where participants both young and old can be observed wearing traditional dress often carrying candles whilst being accompanied by marching bands.

Other street processions can include people dressed up as beasts and big heads and large giant figures can also be seen within the parade as well.

During Corpus Christi beautiful carpets of flowers are carefully and painstakingly laid down creating a unique and colourful display to the celebration with excellent examples often found in Sitges and within Barcelona, which is also famous for the L'ou com Balla or Dancing Egg, which can be observed at several locations throughout the city in particular within Barcelona Cathedral.

The L'ou com Balla or Dancing Egg involves an egg which has been first emptied and then filled with wax being placed into the stream of fountain where it stays seemingly dancing in the water for all to observe. Many of the fountains that are used for the L'ou com Balla have been richly decorated with flowers adding to the beauty of this unique display.

Date Of Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi is a moveable Feast that takes place annually on the first Thursday that follows on from Trinity Sunday which usually falls 60 days after Easter Monday.

Corpus Christi is celebrated throughout much of Spain with events often taking place around the main squares and cathedrals such as Seville Cathedral, Barcelona Cathedral and Granada Cathedral.