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Carnival, Spain
The carnival is an eagerly awaited event that celebrates the last week before the start of Lent and is rejoiced with great enthusiasm with carnival events throughout the country.

Each carnival is unique with features often including beautifully decorated floats that parade along a set route accompanied by colourfully decorated participants, street entertainers such as acrobats and marching bands.

In areas such as Tenerife there are several beauty pageants with the crowning of the Carnival Queen one of the many highlights of each years festivities.

Live music and plenty of dancing is also in no short supply with many of the main city squares having temporary stages put up to provide a steady flow of live music performances covering a variety of music genres as well as traditional dance shows.

Ash Wednesday marks out the beginning of Lent and in places such as Madrid you will also be able to witness the Burial of the Sardine (Entierro de la Sardna), where a solemn procession with participants dressed in black carry a ceremonial sardine to be buried.

During Carnival week there are often plenty of parties arranged at restaurants and hotels within many cities that range in style from formal black tie events to more relaxed fancy dress parties.

Carnival Date
The carnival takes place annually from Shrove Tuesday until Ash Wednesday which is also the date of the traditional Entierro de la Sardna.

There are numerous carnivals taking place throughout Spain with Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Sitges and the popular Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife amongst some of the places available to enjoy carnival celebrations.

Travel Guide
There are some travel disruptions along the parade routes and expect public transport, car parks and taxis to be extra busy during this time.