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Tenerife Holidays
The island of Tenerife has been beautifully sculpted by its volcanic history with the impressive snow tipped Teide Volcano dominating the island with its magnificence.

Tenerife is also blessed with stunning golden and black beaches, unique rock formations and a dramatic coastline surrounded by waters perfect for water sports such as swimming, diving and surfing. The landscape is also superb with the Anaga massif to the northeast of the island providing an varied and rugged green valley along with vineyards interspersed with quaint white cottages.

Wonderful spring like temperature occur throughout the year with temperatures averaging around the 65 to 75 degree Fahrenheit mark which during the summer months can increase into the mid 80's. During the winter temperatures can cool down especially at night and at higher altitudes such as those found to the north which also feature the Passat winds which can make conditions to the north and northeast of the island significantly more windy than to the south of the island which is largely unaffected.

Travel Guide
The island of Tenerife has two airports Tenerife South Airport and Tenerife North Airport with both having regular flights from mainland Spain and from many European countries as well. Travel by ferry is another popular choice with the islands large Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife accommodating visitors from other islands within the archipelago as well as from mainland Spain and is a regular stop for cruise liners. Once on the island there are plenty of taxis and bus services as well as car, bike and scooter hire companies which is a great option if you wish to explore the island at your leisure.

There is plenty to whet the appetite on Tenerife and with its perfect location within the Atlantic its no surprise that fresh fish and sea food dishes are widely found around the island with the likes of sea bream, mackerel, grouper, and moray eels amongst some of the many dishes found. Another Tenerife tradition and favourite is the production of cheese with a variety being produced on the island such as goats cheese which is incredibly popular.

Meat dishes often include the likes of beef, poultry and pork, many of which are served with a colourful mojos sauce which can in some cases be quite hot and spicy. Tenerife also has several well established wine growing areas such as at Abona, Valle de la Orotava and Valle de Guimar which are located on several of the rich fertile slopes of the Teide. There are also plenty of opportunities to sample Spanish favourites paella and tapas as well as papas arrugadas or wrinkly potatoes which are more often than not served with a mojos accompaniment.

Tenerife has plenty of opportunities for some retail therapy with many boutiques and large shopping centres available especially in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and around the main resorts on the island that offer a wide range of clothing from Spanish as well as international designers.

Traditionally crafted items such as ceramics, textiles and jewellery can also be found within many of the regular markets as well as a colourful selection of fresh fruit, bread and vegetables and this is a good chance to pick up some of Tenerife's famous goats cheese.

Tenerife Beaches
The island has miles of stunning beaches and coastline that includes both golden and black stretches of sand. Some of the beaches have had golden sand imported to improve them and there are several popular beaches close to the main resorts as well as some that are tucked away for a quieter more remote beach experience, with some of the main beaches are located on the south and west of the island:

Tenerife Holiday Attractions
Volcanic works of art, historic buildings, magnificent cliffs and an outstanding national park are amongst the islands many treasures.

Carnival of Santa Cruz
The three week carnival of Santa Cruz is one of the most anticipated events of the year and attracts thousands of visitors to the island every February who come to enjoy the incredibly elaborate costumes, dance troupes, entertainers and elaborate floats that parade through the streets. The carnival features energetic dances and live music and the all important crowning of the Carnival Queen along with plenty of other competitions and events as well, the carnival is enjoyed throughout the island but for the most extravagant head for the capital.