Barcelona Zoo

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Barcelona Zoo
The Barcelona Zoo is home to a wide variety of animals that are each housed in there own individual area in a similar style to that of their own natural habitat.

Areas such as the Reptile House, Aviary, Gorilla Enclosure, Zoo Farm and Dragon Land Exhibit facilities are amongst some of the facilities at the zoo and allow visitors to get a view of the animals surrounded by vegetation from their countries of origin.

Animals at the zoo include Gorillas, Giant Anteaters, Gazelles, Frogs, Toads, Komodo Dragons, Iguanas, Tortoise, Penguins, Flamingos and Macaws.

The zoo offers informative talks, for example by the keepers of the dolphins and the park has plenty of restaurants and cafes located throughout the park to help keep you going. The zoo also has a shop where you can purchase several gifts and memorabilia to help remind you of your visit from plush toys and stationary to clothing.

Location Of Barcelona Zoo
The zoo is located within the Parc de Ciutadella around a mile north of the Marmagnum shopping mall and just over half a mile from the Arc de Triomf monument.

Travel Guide
The Barcelona Zoo can be reached by subway (L4) to Barceloneta and bus (14, 39 and 51) to Av Marques de L'Argentera as well as by renfe train to Barcelona-Estacio de Franca.