Placa de Catalunya

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Placa de Catalunya
The large Catalonia Square is located within the centre of the city and has several areas of interest such as statues, monuments and fountains.

The square itself has links to several of Barcelona's main streets and avenues such as the shopping avenue of Passig de Gracia and tree lined pedestrianized boulevard La Rambla.

Some of the art within the square includes the Francesc Macia Monument in honour of the 122nd President of Catalonia Francesc Macia i Llussa and the female statue known as La Deesa that was designed by Josep Clara and which is positioned on a plinth surrounded by a pool of water. Within the centre of the park is a paved circular area that features the design of a star in the centre and is more often than not covered with pigeons.

There are a couple of fountains within the square that are often lit up at night and plenty of benches to relax upon as well as trees and flower beds which provide the square with some colour.

The Placa de Catalunya is located in between the Ciutat Vella and Eixample districts of the city. The park is about a mile from the Columbus Monument along the La Rambla pedestrianized boulevard.

Travel Guide
The square can be reached by subway to Catalunya (L1) as well as by train and bus (N3, N2, N4, N8, A2, 9, 16, 17, 42, 55 and 141).