Guell Pavilions

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Guell Pavilions
The estate where the pavilions are located was originally owned by Guell who in 1884 commissioned architect Antoni Gaudi to remodel the Mansion, entrance and gardens of his estate.

Gaudi built a wall around the perimeter of the estate and added several gates, one of these gates is the well known wrought iron Dragon Gate which is hinged on a pillar that is topped with an iron fruit tree both of which still remain today and symbolize the ancient Greek mythology of the 11th labour of Hercules in the Garden Of the Hesperides.

The pavilions include the large rectangular shaped stables and the longeing ring which features a decorative dome as well as three gatehouses which each have a unique shape and are topped with chimney's, ceramics and coloured glass that are all in Gaudi's unmistakable architectural style.

When Eusebi Guell died the large estate was left to the Spanish Royal Family and the mansion that was remodelled by Gaudi was later turned into the Royal Palace of Pedralbes.

Location Of Guell Pavilions
The pavilions are located in the Pedralbes district of Barcelona and are not far from the Pedralbes Monastery and FC Barcelona's Camp Nou Stadium.

Travel Guide
The Pavilions can be reached by bus to Av. de Pedralbes (63 and 68) and by subway to station Palau Reial (Line 3) which is about 600 meters to the south of the pavilions. The Pius Xll tram station is also about 500 meters away (T1, T2 and T3).