Three Kings Parade
Dia de los Reyes •Barcelona

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Three Kings Parade
The annual Three Kings Parade (Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos) is one of the most anticipated religious events of the year and is is regarded more highly than Christmas Day.

The highly anticipated arrival of the three Wise Men or Magi known as Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar is waited on by simply thousands of spectators who patiently wait to view the richly decorated and elaborate floats which carry each of the Kings along the parade route distributing sweets along the way.

Along the parade route each of the kings are accompanied by a host of street entertainers, musicians and theatrical performances as well as many more floats which are adorned with decorations suiting the chosen theme for that year.

A popular food eaten on Three Kings day and Epiphany is a sweet bread called Roscon de Reyes or King's Cake which is a circular ring often topped with dried fruit and sugar. It is common for the cake to also contain a figurine and a bean which are both hidden inside the cake, whoever receives the bean must pay for the cake and whoever receives the figurine is crowned King or Queen for the day,a popular accompaniment for the Roscon de Reyes is a chocolate drink.

The day after the parade is the Epiphany which is traditionally when gifts are exchanged between friends and family, although many people also open small presents on the 25th as well.

Date Of Three Kings Parade
The Three Kings Parade takes place during the evening of the 5th of January which is the day before the 12th night or Epiphany.

The parade route is subject to change each year, but often begins around Port Vell and the Rambla de Mar before continuing through to the Ciutat Vella towards Placa de Catalunya and on towards Montjuic and the Magic Fountain.

Travel Guide
The parade route will have some travel disruption, however there are plenty of busses, subway services and taxis available, albeit a little busier than normal.