Revetlla de Sant Joan

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Revetlla de Sant Joan
The Revetlla de Sant Joan or St. John's Festival is a midsummer solstice celebration that is widely enjoyed throughout the city with plenty of private and public events taking place.

Large bonfires, colourful and very noisy firework display's, live music and plenty of parties all form part of this celebration with many hotels, restaurants and nightclubs also putting on their own events. Many of the city's squares have traditional music and dance events taking place with participants often in colourful dress which adds to the spectacle.

Another popular place to go is to one of Barcelona's golden beaches and watch the sunrise, many of the bars along the beach front have longer opening hours for this celebration and there are often no end of fireworks and bonfires going on throughout the night.

The water of St. John is said to have remedial benefits so you will also find many people going for a quick midnight swim believing that on this night the waters have healing powers or to wash away their sins.

A traditional food to eat during the festival is called the Coca de Sant Joan or the cake of St. John which is a sweet flat bread that is often decorated with candied fruits, sugar and nuts.

Date Of Festival
The Revetlla de Sant Joan takes place annually on the 23/24th of June

There are events taking place throughout different areas of the city such as the beaches and parks.

Travel Guide
Public transport is usually unaffected and there are plenty of taxis available.