Festes de Gracia

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Festes de Gracia
The Festa de Gracia is an immensely vibrant week long street festival that offers no end of entertainment that is surrounded by colourfully decorated streets and plaza's throughout much of the Gracia neighbourhood of the city.

There are simply hundreds of events held during the festival that includes plenty of live music performances with both modern and traditional music being performed in several areas of the Gracia district as well as a variety of competitions including one for the best decorated street, which involves huge planning and creative thinking for the residents, often bringing some amazing results, with the streets full to bursting with inventive and colourful decorations.

The festes de Gracia also features parades with participants in both traditional dress performing music and dance routines as well as some lively performances from the likes of the participants who dress up as devil's setting off also parade around the streets, there are also plenty of other entertainers which all add to this visually pleasing and entertaining festival.

The festival include plenty of food and drink stalls to keep you going and competitions for visitors to participate in as well.

The Gracia district also has the well known Parc Guell which was designed by Antonio Gaudi and features the unique mosaic tiled serpentine bench, beautiful fountains, the Gaudi House Museum and the very photographed and colourful mosaic Dragon.

Date Of Festes de Gracia
This vibrant festival takes place annually around the middle of August for eight days.

The festival takes place in the Gracia district of the city which borders with Eixample to south.

Travel Guide
Gracia can be reached by subway (L3, L6, L7, S1, S2, S5 and S55) and by bus (16, 17, 22, 24, 27, 28, 32, 114, 87, N5 and N4.