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Barcelona Carnival
Every year the popular Barcelona Carnival offers plenty of entertainment, colour, music and frivolity which concludes on Ash Wednesday for the tradition of the Enterro de la Sardina.

A large procession of richly decorated floats parade through the streets accompanied by no end of street entertainers, music and dance troupes who enthusiastically perform in colourful costumes along the parade route to the delight of the crowds who are treated to an impressive visual spectacle.

The Carnival begins on Fat or Dirty Thursday which is the traditional day for overeating and concludes on Ash Wednesday which is also when the traditional event known as the Enterro de la Sardina takes place, which involves a solemn procession with participants dressed in black as a sign of mourning and the subsequent burial of a ceremonial sardine on the beach.

The nearby town of Stiges also puts on an impressive and energetic carnival with no shortage of music, dance and street entertainment including the crowning of the Carnival King and plenty of children's entertainment too.

Date Of Carnival
Barcelona Carnival takes place the week before Lent starting on Dirty or Fat Thursday and ending on Ash Wednesday.

The Barcelona carnival often parades through the Sants-Montjuic and Ciutat Vella districts of the city with each years parade route subject to change. The Stiges Carnival takes place in Sitges which is around 25 miles west of Barcelona.

Travel Guide
Public transport services remain in operation during carnival week although some routes may be affected with road closure. To reach Sitges you can travel by train from Barcelona to Stiges or by bus or car which takes around 25 to 35 minutes.