All Saints Day
Todos Los Santos • Barcelona

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All Saints Day (Todos Los Santos)
This public holiday is to honour deceased relatives, friends and saints and involves people visiting their local church to attend mass as well as lay flowers and gifts on their relatives gravestones.

The graveyards throughout the city are full with colourful flowers and beautiful wreaths with many people also lighting candles and leaving small gifts.

On All Saints Day there are often theatrical performances of the Romantic play called Don Juan Tenorio which was written by Jose Zorrill in around 1844 and is often performed at many of the theatres within Barcelona only around this date.

A popular and traditional sweet eaten on All Saints Day are called Panellets which are small and round in shape and often contain almonds, cocoa, candied cherries and pine nuts. Roasted chestnuts are another popular food often consumed during this time.

Date Of All Saints Day
All Saints Day is celebrated annually on the 1st of November.

Churches throughout the city are visited during this time.

Travel Guide
On All Saints Day you will find that many of the roads near to churches are extra busy with public transport services continuing to remain operational during this time.