Barcelona Cathedral

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Barcelona Cathedral
The Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia is located in Barcelona's Old City and is an impressive Gothic Cathedral and the seat of the Archbishop of Barcelona.

The cathedral's facade is adorned with many statues and gargoyles as well as beautiful carved reliefs and spires, there are two bell towers and colourful stained glass windows throughout.

The cathedral has a chapel dedicated to Eulalia of Barcelona who was martyred during Roman times and within the cathedral there is a cloister which contains 13 geese, a significant number which symbolizes the age of Eulalia when she was martyred, her crypt is also within the cathedral beneath the High Alter.

Within the cathedrals many chapels are beautifully preserved Gothic paintings, as well as a large organ and further impressive wall reliefs and there is also a small museum and shop.

The Barcelona Cathedral is located with the El Barri Gothic area of the Old City, about 900 meters southeast of the Placa de Catalunya.

Travel Guide
The cathedral can be reached by bus to Via Laietana (17, 19, 40, 45 and N8) and by subway station Juame l (L4).