Arc de Triomf

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Arc de Triomf
This impressive landmark was built in 1888 as a gateway entrance for the Universal Exposition which was held within the Parc de Ciutadella.

The structure was designed by architect Josep Vilaseca and features one main arch in red brick with a frieze on top which has two coat of arms one of the Spanish Monarchs and one with the Barcelona coat of arms on it which is centrally positioned and topped with a crown.

The arch also features several statues of angels on the pillars on either side of the arch as well as several other carved reliefs and detailing that make this such a popular landmark.

The arch is located on a promenade that leads towards the Park de Ciutadella which is one of the most popular recreational areas and contains the Barcelona Zoo, and a lake which is perfect for boating on. The park also features the impressive Cascada Fountain which is adorned with statues and topped with a golden Quadriga de L'Aurora.

The Arc de Triomf is situated on a promenade that links the monument with the Park de Ciutadella.

Travel Guide
The Arc de Triomf can be reached by subway (Line 1) to the Arc de Triomf as well as by bus (39, 41, 42, 51).