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The largest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca teases visitors with a little bit of everything. The stunning beaches are undeniable and an obvious crowd pleaser with several glorious sandy beaches accompanied with crystal clear waters and the addition of Mallorca's scorching summer weather.

For those seeking some quiet there are many areas to explore and the rugged coastline and rolling landscape to the north of the island is certainly a good place to start, along with the Serra de Tramuntana mountains that run along the northwest of the island providing plenty of diverse and breathtaking scenery. Within the capital you'll be treated to no end of shopping and dining experiences along with plenty architecture, natural sites, museums, historic buildings and of course the nightlife.

Mallorca has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild changeable winters. During the summer months temperatures between June and September often reach well into the 70 to 80 degree Fahrenheit mark with very little rain, while during the winter temperatures average around 50 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit with evenings cooler than daytime temperatures. October, November and December tend to be the wettest months and May, June, September and October are some of the best months to visit as there is lots of room on the beaches with warm sea temperatures and the landscape is fresh and green.

Travel Guide
Mallorca can be reached by plane from many European cities as well as from mainland Spain direct to Palma Mallorca Airport (PMI) which is around 5 miles east of Palma. There are also plenty of ferries that run to Palma de Mallorca both from other islands within the Balearic's as well as from mainland Spain such as from Denia, Valencia and Barcelona.

Once on Mallorca there are several car hire companies, as well as regular bus services and no end of taxis to take you to your chosen destination.

Mallorca has several shopping opportunities from small chic boutique shops that are nestled away in Palma's many side streets to larger shops found along the main avenues where men's and ladies fashions are found in abundance as well as jewellery stores and shoe shops. There are also larger department stores, art galleries and homeware stores to keep you busy and regular markets held usually on a Monday and Saturday within Placa Major where you'll have a choice of clothing, gifts, home wares and the likes of fresh fruit, with olives a definite favourite.

Mallorca enjoys a Mediterranean style of cuisine with plenty of fresh fish and meat dishes on the menu often served with a wholesome selection of fresh fruit and vegetables from the island. There are no shortage of places to eat from upmarket restaurants to cafes and juice bars. Dishes which are popular often include pork sausages, hams and roast pork, paella, olives, a huge selection of fresh fish and seafood dishes and an accompanying healthy wine selection. There is also a wide selection of Spanish cheese available both from the mainland and from the neighbouring island of Minorca which offers its own flavorsome cheese.

Ensaimada's are one of the most well known Mallorcan pastries and its spiral shape is easy to spot as is the octagonal box which it is traditionally packed in. Ensenada's can be served plain or with a filling such as custard, cream, chocolate and almond being some of the most popular.

Mallorcan olive oil is also something of a speciality and is widely available as are fresh olives which are often enjoyed prior to a meal with bread. Mallorcan almonds are also very well harvested and provide not only sweet almonds but also a very scenic landscape during February and March time when the almond trees blossom in beautiful shades of pink and white.

There are plenty of citrus fruits grown on the island such as grapefruit, lemons and oranges with navel and canoneta oranges often available for eating and enjoying as juice drinks.

Mallorca Sites And Attractions
Mallorca has plenty of fascinating sites and attractions on offer that include the undeniably glorious beaches as well as the islands rich history with many architectural delights to be found around the island such as the impressive Bellver Castle which can be seen for miles around and the enormous Palma Cathedral which dominates the waterfront and is certainly well worth a visit for its shear audacity.