Monument to Vittorio Emmanuel II
Rome • Italy

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Monument to Vittorio Emmanuel II, Rome, Italy
Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II is a magnificent monument in honour of Victor Emmanuel who became the first King of a unified Italy1861.

The monument is situated near to the centre of the City and was designed by Giuseppe Sacconi in 1895 and is made of white marble and includes fountains and beautiful detailing. There is a central statue of Victor Emmanuel riding a horse and at either side of the monument there is a statue of the goddess Victoria riding a chariot being pulled by four horses (quadriga).

After World War One the addition of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was also added to the monument and contains an eternal flame which burns day and night in honour of all those soldiers who sadly remain unknown.

There is also a museum of Italian Reunification within the monument.

At the very top of the monument is the Terrace of the Quadrigas named because it sits between the two magnificent statues of the goddess Victoria.

A glass elevator is now available that will take you to the top of the monument where you will be able to take in spectacular views of the city of Rome.

Attraction Location Guide
The Monument to Vittorio Emmanuel II is just over 200 meters away from the Capitoline Museum in the heart of the city.