The Vatican City
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Vatican City, Rome, Italy
The Vatican City which is officially known as the State of the Vatican City or Stato della Città del Vaticano in Italian.

The Vatican City which is surrounded by a walled enclave and has been a landlocked sovereign city state since the Lateran Treaty was signed between the Holy See and Italy in 1929 with the Pope ruling over the City.

There are 5 entrances into the Vatican City each of which are guarded by Pontifical Swiss Guards and by the Gendarmes Corps of the Vatican City. The Vatican City is also a cultural heritage site and is protected by armed conflicts by the Hague Convention.

The Vatican City has its own flag that is divided into one half yellow and one half white, the yellow part is nearest to the flag pole and the white part contains the Vatican emblem of two keys crossed over with a central papal tiara.

The City also has its own licence plates, coins, Pontifical Hymn, Observatory, postal service and produces its own stamps.

Within the Vatican City are many well known historic sites of interest such as St. Peter's Basilica, The Vatican Museums, The Vatican Libraries and the Sistine Chapel.

Guided Tours
Guided tours are available for the museum, gardens and St. Peter's Basilica and are conducted by an official Vatican tour guide, bookings can be made online or through the booking office.

Attraction Location Guide
The Vatican City is located to the west of the River Tiber a short distance from the Castel Sant'Angelo.