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The Sistine Chapel, Rome, Italy
The Sistine Chapel is situated within the Apostolic Palace which is the official residence of the Pope which is inside the Vatican City. The Sistine Chapel forms part of the Vatican museum and has been Frescoed throughout by well known artists such as Michelangelo, Botticelli, Raphael and Bernini.

The Sistine chapel walls have been painted in a series of tiers, the lowest tier has been painted with wall hanging's in gold and silver colours. Above you have the central tier which shows the life of Christ and the Life of Moses. The next tier shows the gallery of Popes, and above the arched windows are painting's of the ancestors of Christ and above them are biblical men and women. The wall behind the alter shows the Last Judgement and was painted by Michelangelo who also painted the ceiling.

Sistine Chapel Ceiling
The ceiling was commissioned by Pope Julius II and was painted by Michelangelo who had to build special scaffolding to allow him to accomplish this impressive feat.

The ceiling shows nine separate paintings that tells the story of Genesis and which includes, the origins of the universe and the creation of the earth, then story of Adam and Eve and ending with the fall and rebirth of mankind with Noah and the Flood.

Guided Tours
Guided tours are available for the museum, gardens and St. Peter's Basilica and are conducted by an official Vatican tour guide, bookings can be made online or through the booking office.

Musei Vaticani, Viale Vaticano, 00120 Vatican City, Rome, Italy.

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