Roman Forum
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Roman Forum, Rome, Italy
The Roman Forum (Foro Romano) is situated in the heart of Rome close to the Colosseum and in between the Capitoline and Palentine Hills and is a vast archeological site.

In its day the Forum would of been the center of Rome and hence its name Foro which means central square, and would of been one of the main meeting places. The Forum was built on wetlands which were drained and upon which the nobles then commissioned temples, buildings and monuments which would have been beautifully decorated.

There are many ruins, arches and temples to be seen within the Forum along with incredible views of the area. Some of the main attractions that remain within the Forum are:

Attraction Location Guide
The Roman Forum is located close to the Colosseum in the heart of Rome.

Guided tours of the Forum are regularly available and can be booked through the ticket office alternatively you can purchase an audio guide.