Palentine Hill
Rome • Italy

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Palentine Hill, Rome, Italy
One of Rome's seven hills and most well known is Palentine Hill, which is situated roughly in between Caelian Hill and Capitoline Hill and has the Roman Forum and Circus Maximus on one side.

Mythology Of Palentine Hill
Legend has it that on the West side of Palentine hill is where the twins Remus and Romulus were discovered by a shepherd called Faustalus in a cave being looked after by a she-wolf. The shepherd went on to raise the infants with his wife. The twins decided to build a new city on the site. But an argument between Remus and Romulus ended with Remus being killed by his brother and it is believed that Romulus that the city of Rome takes its name.

Palentine Hill was the elite place to build and many imperial palaces were built on the site which would have towered above the marshland below. There are many palace ruins which still remain today such as the Palace of Augustus and Domitian and the House of Livia

At the top of Palentine Hill on the site of the palace of Tiberius you can discover the Farnese gardens which were created by Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, at the time the gardens would have looked very impressive with flower beds, terraces and pavilions all setting a beautiful scene with magnificent views of the surrounding area as well.

Attraction Location Guide
Palentine Hill is roughly positioned between the Circus Maximus and the Colosseum.