Roma Europa

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Roma Europa
A great opportunity to enjoy a diverse range of music, drama and artistic performances at a variety of venues throughout the city. Every year the festival theme changes providing a fresh and fashionable event year after year.

There are superb theatrical performances that range from classical events to more modern and contemporary sessions that open up the festival to an incredibly wide age group, who come to enjoy the various settings, elaborate costumes and artistic interpretations of the many different performances and locations that are on offer.

There are also plenty of music genres covered with live performances form both well known international and local artists, who readily perform in front of packed and enthusiastic audiences.

During the festival there is also the chance to enjoy plenty of dance groups perform with lively and beautifully choreographed performances that provide plenty of action and entertainment.

Date Of Roma Europa
The date changes each year but it is usually around September to October and lasts for a few weeks.

Roma Europa takes place at venues throughout the city.