Piazza di Siena
International Horse Show • Rome

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Piazza di Siena
This spectacular horse show draws in international competitors from around the globe who come here to compete in the prestigious show jumping Grand Prix.

The event takes place within the superb grounds and setting of the Villa Borghese which is well known for its horse riding history.

The event includes the all important Grand Prix and the hugely popular Puissance where horse and rider combinations have to jump the formidable wall which has in the past reached the 2.20 metre mark.

The event culminates with a spectacular display of horsemanship which has been a regular occurrence since the horse show's early beginnings with visitors witnessing well over 100 mounted Carabinieri displaying their skills of precision riding within the arena and which finishes with a daring charge.

Date of Piazza di Siena
This annual event often takes part during the month of May.

The event takes place within the Villa Borghese, Rome.

Travel Guide
Villa Borghese is very accessible by car, bus, tram, and metro. From the centre of Rome you can either a number 3 or 19 tram to the Galleria Arte Moderna and then walk from there or take the Metro Linea A to Barberini, followed by a bus to Porta Pinciana and depart at the Canonica bus stop and walk in from there.